Online Account Closure

Client can close his/her Demat & Trading account online wherein Ledger Balance & Holdings are Nil. An Individual who can eSign (Aadhar based) can initiate the closure request.

Account Closure is irreversible and Demat and Trading account accounts will be Closed Permenantly.

Setps of Online Account Closure

  • Enter your Trading Account Number, you will be asked for an OTP on registered Mobile number with Finwave.
  • Your Demat Details, Name, Address and other details will be available on successful verification of OTP.
  • Need to verify that Holdings & Ledger balances are Nil for account to be closed.
  • Select reason for Closure of account
  • Once our team verify your request, you will receive link on your registered email for Account Closure.
  • Link needs to be eSign (Aadhar based) to complete the closure request.